Author: Sarah E. Bott

Sarah Bott moved to Summit County from Fort Collins, CO. She studied Fine Art with a concentration in Painting at Colorado State University and proceeded to create Artworks commissioned throughout Colorado. Her love for the mountains, nature, and outdoor activities made moving to Summit a natural fit. You will find that her love for the wonder in nature is highlighted in her work. In her free time, Sarah likes to walk her two dogs, snowboard, camp, hike, travel, SUP, and rock climb. She also works part time for The Town of Breckenridge as a Professional Skating Coach, and coordinates the figure skating programs and productions at the SCW Ice Arena. Excited to be creating and selling art consistently, Sarah hopes to soon begin a full time career as a studio artist.

Mountain Murals

Mountain Murals throughout Colorado These mountain murals have been popular this summer! If you are looking to bring a calming vibe to your home, a mural like this does just the thing. Their simplicity also makes them affordable for larger walls. I am currently accepting 3-4 murals per month. Email me to request a free quote […]


Custom Yard Decor

Decorate your home inside and out. I am so in love with these customized pieces I had the pleasure of painting. These were unique and very fun commissions. The white rocking chairs got a Colorado themed face lift with Columbine flowers, yellow sun rays, and a mountain landscape across the back. The large spherical object […]


Yogi Mandala Mural

Yogi Mandala – Windsor Yoga Family in Windsor, Colorado This mural is 70″ in diameter and required 3 long days of painting. This is my largest full coverage piece so far. I love practicing at this studio and the mandala brings a loving, heart chakra energy to the space for everyone to enjoy. Interested in […]


Snowflake Tree Mural

Snowflake Tree Mural – Toasted Coffee and Wine Bar I work with Toast to change this chalk mural seasonally. Currently this tree is full of snowflakes, but soon it will be updated for the summer with green leaves and flowers. Size estimate: 8 ft. x 4 ft. 5 inches. Interested in a custom mural for […]

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Twist Gallery

Twist Gallery, Breckenridge, Colorado 200 S Ridge St, Breckenridge, CO 80424 Twist Restaurant is located in Breckenridge, Colorado. I maintain this exhibition year round and have displayed my work here since 2017. Maintaining an art show at Twist for multiple years is definitely one of my greatest career highlights. The space allows for flow from […]


Anant Gallery

Anant Gallery- Frisco, Colorado at Anant Salon Anant Salon is located in Frisco, Colorado. This fun and unique salon is a wonderful space to display funky, colorful works. I have displayed work here since 2018 and switch out paintings and prints as necessary. Artwork displayed here includes a 4.5’ x 4.5’ mandala mural, original paintings, and […]