Adibou Installation Daa _BEST_ 🖳


Adibou Installation Daa

the adibou team will be working together to continue the development of this new adibou. the first release date will be as soon as possible, but still without a precise date. this new version of adibou will be more integrated into the ubisoft ecosystem for the gamers, and will be much more faithful to the first version of adibou.

this new adibou is designed to be very close to the first one, but updated to better reflect how education works today. children can now access a more personalized learning, and their activities are adjusted to their pace.

the new adibou also brings gaming to the educational field, with a lot more engaging and immersive activities that will appeal to both new and old players. from growth to finding patterns, from 2d to 3d, from cutting to clipping, from lighting to illusion, and from collision to simulation, this new adibou will be a real game for a real planet!

cooper carr, the tough guy sports and animated sports gaming character from the 80s, made a rare appearance at this year’s annual innovation awards. cooper carr visited the ubisoft innovation awards to share his personal voice and to meet with fans of ubisoft, video game developers, and gaming enthusiasts. he was on the scene at this year’s event to take a peek at ubisoft’s new line of innovative games and to share his experiences as the star of hundreds of television programs and more than a few movies. video game creator’s can find cooper carr on television on playdium and disney xd and across all social media channels, in people’s homes, and on devices as small as smartphones.

starting 1 august, adibou will become free of charge for all users. as of now, if you have already paid for the pro version and you haven’t activated your account, you will receive an email confirmation from wiloki to enable this.
about wiloki the wiloki family is a group of 5 people: david, a science teacher, philippe, a creative director, cdric, a creative director, simon, a senior developer and emmanuelle, a technologist. the team is based in paris and lyon.
over a period of ten years, wiloki has developed an award-winning series of educational games and apps based on some of the most recognized characters from the worlds of disney, nickelodeon, netflix and youtube. its success has earned wiloki considerable industry and critical recognition and has earned it more than a dozen awards and nominations.
wiloki specializes in producing educational videogames that attract children and parents who want to share knowledge and promote active learning. its more than 500 activities provide children with fun, educational play, letting them discover and explore the worlds of videogames while learning in a comfortable and reassuring environment.
wiloki has developed educational apps for children aged 2 to 5 years. the apps are available for ios and android, and have been translated into many languages. it provides vocabulary and language learning support, and its educational games and apps for toddlers are free and tailored to the needs and expectations of parents and educators.
wiloki is a french educational publisher and development company specializing in free and paid-for products to support language learning. its activities include apps for toddlers, childrens books, educational books, on-line resources, games and more.