From materials to shipping, my artwork is created with conscious choices to limit the environmental footprint of my business.


Since 2017, I have painted over 50 different panels since I began creating up-cycled art.

Are you interested to hear more about my sustainability efforts?


Sustainability is an important aspect of my work. I choose to repurpose a variety of wood panels into paintings. I gather materials such as floor samples, shelves, reclaimed wood and more through friends and businesses. I reshape, sand, saw, and gesso multiple layers before I even begin a painting.

Because of the deep connection I feel with our planet, I enjoy the rawness of wood as a canvas. My painting process emphasizes care for the planet and the joy of its gifts. Additionally, I love exploring colors and compositions to convey internalized motivation that accomplishes a vision beyond the imitation of sense perception.

Here are some additional ways my art is sustainable:

  • All of my packaging for originals is recycled!
  • If you order a print, the packaging is locally sourced, reusable, and recyclable.
  • I switched from oils to acrylics which are water based and do not require turpentine.
  • Hanger frames are always metal. No plastic.
  • All frames are made from sustainably managed wood.
  • Matting, glazing, and backing are locally sourced.
  • 100% of materials are US sourced.
  • My printing company (Picture Frames) is a ZERO LANDFILL company.¬†
  • Learn more about Picture Frames and their sustainability promise¬†here.